Comfort Zone Absolute Pearl Corrector


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Making a deep impact on dark spots

Comfort Zone Absolute Pearl corrector is a high performance corrector, which reduces & prevents dark spots & acne scarring. This powerful corrector is a must have product for our clients in the spa who have a lot of pigmentation due to sun exposure, age or stress.  Comfort Zone Absolute Pear corrector can also be used to reduce the appearence of acne scaring.

How to use Comfort Zone Skin resonance:
We advise clients to dab the corrector directly onto the dark spot or scar and then lightly massage it in until it’s fully absorbed into the skin. Targeting the specific spot and the light massage will give you the greatest impact on the affected area and will allow the 15ml to last a good long time.
The Key ingredients:
Pearl powder, Kojic dialmitate, Licorice, Mulberry, Bearberry extracts