Comfort Zone Chrono-Reverser Gel

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Visible improvement of wrinkles

It works:
gluconolactone is a polyhydroxy acid capable of modulating the process of keratinization through the stimulation of cellular turnover in a similar way to those of alpha hydroxy acids. It permits an intensive and long-lasting hydration in a delicate way, ensuring that even sensitive skins can be treated. scientific tests also show a strong anti-oxidant action. PerfectionPeptide P3™ optimizes the efficacy of gluconolactone. Moisturizing Marine Micropatch™ prevents the evaporation of water from the superficial layers, guaranteeing immediate as well as long-lasting hydration. arginine, a precious amino acid found in our own skin, guarantees optimal hydration and also balances the pH of the alpha hydroxy acids.

to use:
apply a thin layer to a cleansed and toned face, neck and décollété. Tap gently to favour complete absorption.

Key ingredients:
Gluconolactone, PerfectionPeptide P3™, Moisturizing Marine Micropatch™, arginine.